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I had a Schwinn Giraffe do this many years ago. Of course this was before resources like or this group. I talked to Tom Miller at the Unicycle Factory, and he tried to explain how to fix it. The LBS was no help, and I tried to fix it myself. After applying the loctite, I had to get on the giraffe & see if it was fixed. Each time I would mount it, only to look like Wile Coyote running off a cliff. I would pedal and get nowhere. I finally shipped it to Tom to be fixed right, since I rode it almost every day either performing or practicing. Later I had Tom make me a more sturdy giraffe, and I had him put a 26" wheel on the Schwinn giraffe. I still ride it, and the 26" wheel allows a pretty good speed (for a giraffe).



We’re talking about real metal spokes, not Play-Doh. Then again, along those lines, I wouldn’t have to worry about it because I could ride a uni with Play-Doh spokes.


Question ???

Pictures, please!

Oh, and Bruce…

I mean pictures of you riding a uni with Play-Doh spokes.


Greg, in your case, I think we’ll need a video of the lip wheel-building service.

Well I got it fixed :):smiley:

Well I got it fixed :):smiley:

Thanks for the help

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>of course it should be welded. my unicycle factory girafee is. the
>cheaper ones i’ve seen are just held on by the lockring. i would bet
>that if you ride it backwards long enough and jerky enough, it’ll spin

I think if you would ride jerky enough, the chainring would also come
off with forward riding. The jerky riding means that you switch
between forward and backward torque all the time and on average those
are roughly equal (otherwise you would on average accelerate in either
direction to very high speeds).

This is unlike with pedals which are unscrewing if you ride backward.
With pedals the rotation direction causes the unscrewing, with the
unwelded chainring it is torque.

Klaas Bil

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my girraffe has an aluminium hub, so it couldn’t be welded.
however my lockring has never slipped, despite a fair ammount of use.
if it did start slipping
i’d probably try and find a hub that had holes in the flanges and bolt the gear on.
welding just seems a bit messy to me.

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Giraffe is a TOYS-R-US trademark. Schwinn was sued by them when they stuck giraffe stickers on the frames. Schwinn then used a decal with Schwinn spelled
out on it.


Klaas Bil wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:27:19 -0600, yoopers
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> >[Our]
> >giraffe is a Savage (which would make it a chain driven
> >unicycle instead of a giraffe since giraffes are Schwinns).
> What’s that? Is the giraffe word/name owned by Schwinn? Like “walkman”
> is owned by Sony even if everyone calls their cassette player a
> walkman? :thinking:
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