im pretty new to unicylceing and had a few questions im wishing to get answered (without sarcasim please).

  1. will regular bike parts fit on my uni? (like seats, seat posts and so on…)
  2. can i throw any kinda tire on there? (off-road, street, and so on…)

i know that u could put a bike seat on your uni, i dont think a seatpost would work though because most bike seat posts ive seen are way to thick. uni seatposts r 25.4 or 27.2

for tires all unicycles use bike tires

iight thanks man. im guessing pedals are pretty uni-versal. (uni pun lol)

Welcome to the forums if you already haven’t been greeted.

  1. I’m not sure if the seat will fit a uni post but if it’s a bike post, the tubing would have to be the same width as the uni crown’s seat tube. You really don’t want a bike seat on the uni anyways…
  2. The answer to that is most likely yes. If you have a 20" rim, most 20" wheels will fit (same for all tire sizes) If you have a trials unicycle then you’d need a trials tire.

For your pedals question. Yes, most pedals are universal. The standard pedal size is 9/16 in. Some things use 1/2 but chances are that whatever you’re riding has 9/16 pedals.

What uni are you riding?

you don’t want a bike seat, get a uni seat, the $20 ones are great for learnin on, i would not put bike parts other than pedals and seatpost clamps on the unicycle

i’ve seen unis with motorcycle tires on them, and bike tires… they fit as long as they are the right size.

In particular, notice the rim diameter in millimeters. You can fit varying widths on the same rim, but the diameter has to be the same. Google up Sheldon Brown’s page on bicycle tire sizes for a full discussion.

Bicycles with one-piece cranks use 1/2" size pedals. Everything else uses 9/16". If that helps.

I discovered with bicycle seat posts, there are a bunch of different styles and sizes. If you need one, best to just order a unicycle seat post in the first place.

sweet deal thanks everyone!

There are two or three standard seat post diameters, not all of which are the same as used on bikes.

A bike seat is not much use on a uni.

Bike rims, spokes, tyres, tubes and pedals will all fit. In some cases you can fit a seat clamp from a bike frame. Computers etc. will fit. Some people use bike brakes.

Basically, the unicycle specific components are the frame (and bearings etc.), hub, cranks, seat post and seat.

Finding the right tyre is a big part of the fun. My local bike shop sells some tyres in pairs only! Blatant discrimination. :astonished:

haha yeah what haters :slight_smile: