Question: Which Tire for my Surly 24" Conundrum?

Please don’t say the Endomorph or even Larry…I’m looking for something a bit more functional and readily accessible. I have a brand new IRC Kujo DH 3.0 but I question whether it will fit on the Large Marge rim. I haven’t had the rim built out yet… that’s why I’m asking and not trying…

I’m sure any 3.00 tire will fit on a LArge Marge rim, just get any kind of 3.00 tire and it will be good. If you already have your IRC Kujo just put it on! Have fun with your conundrum!


I just didn’t want to have the damn thing built with no tire to put on it :slight_smile:

There are lots of ppl running 3.0 tires on LM rims. Depending on your weight/ what kind of pressure you want to run, you may be able to run something smaller if you so desire.

The Kujo should work fine. It will definitely give you lots of bounce. My only beef with it was how fast I wore mine out. That might have been from excessive urban riding, but it only lasted me one summer.

I ran the 26" version of the Maxxis High Roller 2.5 on my large marge for quite some time. I really like the sidewall feel of the combo, and I never really had traction issues. Plenty of bounce/absorption with this combo.

If you’re looking for other 2.5 tires, Kenda Makes a couple, notably the Nevegal and the Blue Groove. The Nevegal looks a lot like what used to be called the kenetic, which is a pretty popular tire around here. I don’t like the sidewall feel of these as much as I like the maxxis tire, though.

If you are going to put a 2.5" tire, why go with the large Marge rim? It seems like overkill.