Question: Which CO2 cartridge is needed to pump from scratch 36" tubeless tire?

I noticed that mostly 16 grams cartridge are used for wheel size of 26", but what about 36"?

I’d appreciate your advise on this.


I have never used them myself (nor littered any trails with them), but I would imagine there is no single size that’s got enough in it for a 36". You’ll probably need two of something. Hopefully someone else here can tell you which of those would be best.

I carry a mini-pump in my Camelbak. It works with both Presta and Schrader, and is pretty handy, though would definitely take a while to pump up a 36" from scratch…

I’ve never tried it, but I would guess that the GI “Big Air” 40g cartridge would probably do it. I use 16g on my racing bike and it gets the tires up to 110psi, on my 29er the same cartridge gets up to about 30psi or so. I wonder if there is a volume/gram of CO2 equivalence that you could use to figure it out. Of course then you would need to know the cubic volume of your 36er tire.

16g i dont think will cut the mustard with our 36ers…

Chunky expensive 40g might.

Is the purpose of considering CO2 because its tubeless and your need the air (gas) to go in fast for a good quick seal?

They may be no easy cheap portable way to ram air fast and at large volume into your 36er out on a trail.

Even tubeless bikers carry a tube normally incase a seal goes. If you keep around 30psi minimum in and refresh the sealant as recommended you should never see a problem prop up on a ride.

Would suck if it happened but carrying a Foss tube maybe would give you the peace of mind it sounds like you are longing for if my guess is accurate.

If you get CO2 working for you, or even a fail after trying i would love to hear about it. Great work with the conversion to tubeless btw Thumbs up

@muni tasmania, thanks - I figured out that my question was not proper explained.
What I meant was that while I ride a tubeless wheel, in case of any failure that may cause the wheel to lose air very quickly - like broken valve core (I had this on my Presta before), then in order to get the wheel back on the rim (after replacing the valve core) I would need a compressor pump.
I want to have the option to inflate the tire up to the level where the tire beads attach the rim.
The rest PSI I can fill with the standard manual pump :slight_smile:

Ah ok cool,
If it were me I would follow trend with the tubeless bikes. Slap a tube in and continue on. Next day back at base you can take your time clean it out and seal it up good and proper. 36er Foss tubes are pretty light and compact
All the best

i also think there is.a.problem wit co2 reacting with the sealant, making it clump together

not something i have experience of, just something i read off the internet (which may mean its total rubbish)

either way, id carry a spare tube rather than a whole bunch of co2 cartridges

Pretty sure a lot of people without access to compressors have used CO2 to seat their beads. But I could be wrong.