question: what specs should I look for in a unicycle?

and what are some examples of good specs vs bad specs
(specs=specifications, just in case)
I need a fairly cheep unicycle preferably with a large tire and a good seat and that will last me a long time (at least 4 years, through college)
thanks in advance (to anyone who figure this out)

A few good things to look for in a unicycle are a strong hub and crank set (ISIS is a good option) and a good double walled rim.

A Nimbus unicycle would probably meet your requirements. They are very strong with an ISIS hub and crank set and double walled rim, available in many sizes, and are reasonably priced. The Nimbus seat is very durable since it uses the new Kris Holm seatbase, so it would probably last a long time for you.

You can find Nimbus unicycles at

It depends entirely on what sort of riding you want to do.

mostly transportation, i face a lot of hills. i can’t really do any tricks but I do a lot of hopping. I like to be able to ride on grass and other terrain but will mostly be riding on streets

the last unicycle I had was a sun xl

for anyone else asking the same Q’s I am this is a really good website to look at: