Question since udc is down...bearing size

Anyone know the bearing type/size of bearings for the 24" torker dx? Do most LBS carry this type? Thanks!:slight_smile:

I think they are 42 OD, but I forget the ID. Oh, and I could be way off, or mixing up OD and ID.

What I DO know is that most LBSs don’t carry this bearing size. You have to get them from somewhere that specializes in bearings or probably torker.

I think that they are 40 OD. I could be wrong though.

Here is the info you need: Torker DX Bearings

It’s a non-standard size. The only place you can get that size is from Torker. The part number is in the above thread.

And in this thread, jagur has a solution that involves some minor surgery on the hub so it will fit a 40x19 bearing (a standard size used by Profile and others).

Jagur’s approach has the advantage that you’ll never need to go searching for a non-standard bearing size again when you need to replace the bearings.