question(s) on bicycle axle(for a bc)

I got a few questions and here they are.

1.Where can a longer axle? I figure my lbs but I was wondering about something off the internet.
2.Could I put it on myself or would I have to get a bike shop to do it?
3.If I can do it myself is it hard?
4.Where can I get some bearings that are like 40 or 42mm od and 14mm Id? i also figure at my lbs but like i said I would like to get it offline.

Ok that is all my questions for now. If you are wondering I am wanting this where I can make me a Bcuni

buy a wheel set of your local bike shop, a tire where ever you can get one you want, and bedford or nimbus plates or make your own

  1. your LBS should be able to build a wheel
    3)probably very hard but it is still do able

I done have a Bc. I am wanting to make a Bcuni and My axle is not long enough to fit everything

1.your lbs should have a longer 14mm axle.
2.your lbs should be able to change them, but you can do it yourself.
3.ask spencer
4. a bearing place

I just took it to my bikeshop and got all that. Changing the axle depends on your hub but its usually really easy, it just comes out when you undo the bolts or you tap it out.

In my opinion it is more work than it is worth, a normal bc is easier and more fun.