Question regarding which cranks to buy

My friend just got a new unicycle…which happens to be the same one that i previously bought…and it seems like one of the crank arms must be stripped or something because the pedal is just lose and keeps falling off…we would return it…but we bought it at a store that is 4 1/2 hours away. I was looking on UDC and noticed that they range in price from like 10$-$150…i have no idea what size cranks are on the unicycle because it doesn’t say anywhere…but its a 20 inch wheel. The tire is an offroad tire…but it has a crappy axel…i actually twisted my axel. Is there like a standard size crank for a 20 inch wheel? and could anyone make some recommendations on ones that aren’t too expensive…preferebly under $40

you might have the wheel backwards, so that when pedaling the pedals come lose instead of tightening. for a beginner, i would get some 125mm cranks.

edit:what i mean by the wheel being backwards, is that the cranks are on the wrong side.

yea i understand what you are saying, but even when not riding, i’ll tighten up the pedal all the way and it will still wiggle as if the inside of the crank is stripped, or maybe the pedal…but i’m pretty sure its the crank.

I would have a bike shop take a look at it and give you a second opinion before you go and buy a new set of cranks. Any bike shop should be able to tell if your crank is stripped or its just normal pedal play. If you have already bent your axel then I would recomend just getting the cheapest pair of 125 mm cranks on UDC as they are probably the same ones that were put on your uni.

You mentioned that this uni was the second one, what happened to the cranks on the other one?

if its wiggling, that probally means that your bearings are loose. get new pedals

No, it depends.

Is the wiggling inside the pedal or is the pedal spindle (and were it screws into the crank) wiggling within the crank?

its not the bearing…like the nut that screws into the crank moves…i’m pretty sure its the crank. I had bought the same unicycle…and its the one i have right now. I somehow managed to twist the axle. but the one with the pedal problem is my roommates…he just bought it like 4 days ago.

It’s probablly the threads then, take it to any bike shop and they can re-tap the threads on the crank for about $5-$8.

ok maybe i’ll visit the bike shopw thanks

I welded my pedals on :smiley:

But this is just an old beat up uni that I got from a friend.