Question regarding Nimbus Nightrider 36 tyre as Tubeless

Hi All,

I have mounted my new Nightrider tyre yesterday on the 36" QX rim.
The tyre was inflated to 45 PSI, rode about 5 KM with it with no sealant and after 24 hours it was holding firmly with 19 PSI.

I only added sealant today - at that point I checked the PSI and it was showing the value of: 19.

My question is (since last time I did that was 2 years ago) - is it rational to have a loss of pressure at this rate without sealant or I have a problem?

Thanks a lot,

Without sealant I’ve very surprised that you were able to get it to hold that much air for that long.

I’d say that sounds perfectly rational.

Thanks for the feedback Killian.
I rode today to work and back home (20KM) and the wheel was doing great.

The tyre feels very dynamic in comparison with the TA tyre.