Question: Qu-Ax 26" muni rim - Magura HS33 Brakes

Hello everybody,
I’m new here, and I think that it’s a great place & community.

I intend to put Magura HS33 Brakes, on my Qu-Ax 26" Muni, and noticed that my rim is painted at the contact point with the brake pads (see pic. below).

Could that be a problem? braking efficiency? should I sand it?


Probably won’t affect braking too much my 29" and 24" have (or had) painted rims till the brake wore the paint off. I didn’t notice much or any lack in performance so save yourself the bother and leave it.

I had a painted airfoil rim on my 36 when I used rim brakes. They felt sort of grabby and squeaked. I sanded off the paint and polished the break surface and it became much smoother and quieter.

Painted it wasn’t really that bad but there was a definite improvement when I sanded it off.


Hung Like Saddam, saskatchewanian,

Thank you very much for your quick reply! I really appreciate that.


Before you start at that sanding, be aware that it takes hours to get a rim looking good. I’d try the brake first with the rim as it is. In time the brake pads will do the work for you.

Btw, I don’t think that’s paint, more likely anodized with a protective clear coat.


Thanks Nurse Ben, so I’ll leave it like that, or… wrap the pads with sand paper for a while…:slight_smile: