Question on Torker LX Unistar

Hey ladies and gents,

I was just wondering if anybody has one of these, and if they are worth while for a starter unicycle. There is an eBay store selling them here: for about $70. I called the store to find about tire sizes, and he tells me it has a 24X1.75" tire, is that pretty much standard mountain bike tire size? And does anybody know if the Torker frame will hold anything a little beefier? They also have another 24" torker: for cheaper, and the lower the price the better in this situation. Any comments or thoughts on this one regarding worthwhile, and tire size compatibility? The rider is only about 120lbs… so I’m just looking for something that will hold up to general riding, and some possible Muni through the snow and such. Thanks.


the toker Lx frame will hold a little beefyer but certinaly not a GAZZ. you might get away with a 2.1 on there. buy the more expencive of the two the cheaper one is an old CX and not at all worth the investment.

If you look up hyperbole in the dictionary I think there is a link to this e-bay seller.

The Torker/Unistar LX is a good starter uni. The LX seat is not the “2005” model. The Black Torker LX Seat is a good Miyata clone and has been around since 2003.

Stay away from the chrome CX unless you are under 8 yrs old. My youngest still rides with the kiddie seat but a bigger kid or adult will not like the CX seat.

The one in his photo is the original '03 model with the sloped uni-crown. The current 2004 model has a flat crown which is preferable once you get into one foot skills.

You can fit a 2.1 tire these but not a big knobby.

The 03 or 04 both would be fine but get the 04 if you can. You’ll appreciate the flat crown as you get better.

I bought one of those LX’s from that site a few months ago. I’m very pleased with the quality of the unicycle itself and the service was good. An easy transaction. I think this is an excellent unicycle for a beginner or someone getting back into it (me).

Great Deal

I bought this uni 2 weeks ago, same seller. This is my first. I am riding about 200ft on it so far. Best deal there is for $70.

I bought the Torker LX 24" from the same seller in July. I love it, though I’ve nothing to compare it to. I feels solid and has been dropped and flung about on pavement a bazillion times with nothing but scratches. For the record, the round, penny-size, plastic pieces on the ends of the pedals broke off almost immediately, but it hasn’t caused any problems.

When my wife found out my mid-life crisis would only cost $70 plus shipping, she was psyched.

I used to have the LX,untill i bent it on a 3 1/2 foot drop and then sold it to my can get a pretty knobby 2 inch tire for it,it worked for me.

LX durability


I am considering investing in either the LX or the DX. I need something that has cranks that will stand up to a severe battering (constant hopping, mounting from the unicycle liying on the ground, and up to 1 foot drops). (The cranks of my last unicycle are bent and becoming useless). Obviously the DX is up to it. Is the LX up to it? I’m about 150lb.

:slight_smile: chears, thanks for your feedback!

note -you must tighten the sprocket on the tx every time or it might get loose :slight_smile:

The cranks on the LX aren’t too bad. I’ve used them on several of my unicycles with no problem. The problem I did have was with the LX hub. I was attempting to hop up 3 stairs (in one hop) when, on the prehop, the hub snapped. That wasn’t the first time I tried to hop on it, in fact I hopped up and dropped off of several picnic tables. I wouldn’t blame break on poor quality. It was more link poor judgement on my part. The funny thing was that on the same hop, my cheap aluminum platform pedal also shattered. Heres a link to the pictures of the hub and pedal after it broke:

I knew the Torker LX hub wasn’t exactly hot stuff (DigitalAttrition bent one rather badly and the cranks remained more or less intact), but I didn’t realize it was THAT weak. I’ve done something similar to pedals like that, though. It happens.

But … that hub … I mean, DAMN. Note to self, and everyone … NEVER use Torker LX hub for trials. Ever.

I still haven’t heard a worthwhile review of Torker’s DX hub, though. Not to threadjack, but is it of high quality? I mean, is a Torker DX with a new wider frame (because I know that is a weakness) really all that different from a KH or similar splined uni?

Well, the LX was never meant to be a trials uni. In fact I liked my LX so much, I bought a new one the day after the first one broke. Another thing to keep in mind as to why mine broke was that I often didn’t land the hops I attempted. This resulted in me landing in a crank grab. It was the right side, the side I normally hop toward, that failed. I think the stress of all the previous beatings is what caused the failure more then the prehop that eventually did it in.


Has there been any changes in the DX frame? The main downside of a DX frame is there is not much crown clearance. The OD of the bearings is also smaller than my Summit bearings so the Summit wheelset berings will not fit in the DX frame.

The DX 20 uses a standard 20 tire rim, which will not accomodate a Trials tire (althought I have been wanting to try the onza 20x2.5 but they aren’t available in the US). The cranx are 125’s, KH uses 140’s. The main thing you are missing is tire volume. A trials tire will give you more bounce up and more cushion on drops. At 180 lbs I have done tons of 2’ drops win no apparent damage to the hub. For larger drops I think the tire volume makes the landing too abrupt. I don’t do huge drops anyway but prefer my Summit for the picnic table drops.

The DX 24 comes with 140 cranx.

My impression remains these are great uni’s for heavy duty freestyle & street and light trials & muni.


the 24" DX has 6 inch cranks which is just a bit over 150mm

great uni igot 1