Question on tires

Hey folks,

I need to replace the very worn original tire on my old Miyata 24 and I want to get a blue one that looks similar to the OEM. I found one on Ebay ( that has a BMX tread pattern and it made me wonder if there is any noticeable increase in rolling resistance when using an off-road tire for road work. This may be a silly question - there might not be any difference in feel between a knobby tire and a road tire - but if there is my thought was that I might get tired a little sooner because I’m working a bit harder to pedal. Almost all my saddle time is on-road distance riding - should I just go with the knobby and not over think it? :slight_smile:



Here’s a blue tire 24x1.75 with a street tread. Not cheap when you add shipping, but maybe someone more local has this tire.

A knobby tire will add rolling resistance and handle differently on hard surfaces when compared to a more street oriented tire.

Somethning like this or the one that jtrops linked to would probably be better choices if you do all your riding on pavement.

Thanks for the replies and the links - I’m glad to see that there are options out there and I’ll definitely go with street tread.