Question on Seatpost Clamps

Hello, World!

My girlfriend rides a 20 inch Torker CX, which has a 22.2mm seatpost.

The problem is that when the unicycle falls, the quick-release clamp can’t handle the job, and the seat moves out of position, no matter how tightened it is.

We want to replace it with a double-bolt seatpost clamp, and my concern is this:

If I purchase a Nimbus 22.2mm seatpost clamp, will that fit on the Torker CX? Or are there differences that don’t allow different brands to fit comfortably?


Just take your uni to the local bike shop… they should be able to help you out.

I would speak to, who should be able to answer your question.
I have had loads of good advice from them.
Nothing is to much trouble.

Isn’t half off the seat clamp on the cx connected to the unicycle? And the only things that comes off is the seat clamp handle? At least that’s how it is on my old cx, maybe they upgraded it. I don’t think you could really buy any other seat clamp and have it fit without sawing down the frame. You may just be better off getting a large screw and bolt cover at the end so it doesn’t mess up her knees.

Mine on my Surly does the same thing, but it’s a screw clamp one anyways. I need to take it to my LBS and have them put a different one on. Only falls make it rotate though. So weird, it must be really close to the right size but oh so short when it knocks the seat in a fall.

I tried calling UDC a few times but no calls go through… I guess to the LBS it is!