Question on new unicycle

I am somewhat a beginner unicyclist, and have all the basics of unicycling down, but my brother is also learning to ride, and between us, we decided that we should get another unicycle(that mainly I would use). Right now I have a basic 20" sun Uni and would like to start learning some more tricks (nothing huge). Any suggestions as to what I might want to get for my money’s worth?

what is your budget???

The NImbus Trials is a really good choice!!

How tall are you? If you are competent on the 20 inch, you might want to get a 24 inch. Kind of broaden the stable of available uni’s.

yup we need to know more !! :angry: what kind of riding would you be doing ??
and how tall u guy’s are and more!

I’m around 5’6"/5’7", but i was kind of leaning toward sticking with the 20"

Still, what is being asked is do you want to do trials riding, street riding, or freestyle riding? This will determine what kind of unicycle will be useful for you.

Ya, i didn’t see the last one before yours, but I kind of want to get something that would allow me to try each kind, because I’m only going to be doing basic riding, but above everything, I’m interested in basic trial or street, I just want something that will hold up.

Nimbus trials(the ISIS version) when they come back into stock (If you are in the US). Many people will tell you need KH cranks, but if you just want to do basic riding, the nimbus cranks will be fine. KH are much stronger, but nimbus are fine for entry level riding.

Do you want to do much hopping and dropping stuff, or any tricks other then on flat ground?

Perhaps the Nimbus trials? Or maybe even the Torker LX or DX whichever it is.
I have a Kh20 and there awesome.

I know I can hop for quite a while on the one I have, and I’d like to try going off something, but probably nothing over a couple to a few feet.

i would go nimbus isis for now, and KH cranks later…
that is a very popular option, and well worth it.
i honestly would have bought that uni if my KH was not so awesomely cheap when i got it.

I predict that if you master a 2 foot drop, you will try a 2.5 foot drop. Then 3 feet. Then more. As you master skills (uni, biking, skiing, whatever), it is just human nature to try to go a little faster, higher, further than before. With drops, If you currently have a 2-3 foot goal, get something that will hold up to larger drops. Or at least know that the cranks (and other parts) will break and be prepared to upgrade as needed.

The devil frame is sorta weird for some freestyle but mostly ok, and the cranks limit you regarding rolls, but the splined nimbus trials is at least decent for street and is certainty ok for trials(don’t jump huge sets, for example, your cranks will die a horrible death and you probably won’t be able to roll out)
When you get better I would definitely go for the moment cranks.

So if I got the nimbus with the isis hub and eventually got better, all I would have to upgrade would be cranks, right?

yeah, pretty much. Even at that point, if it wouldnt matter to you, you could keep the nimbus cranks on, until the point they would break.

Good point, but I wouldn’t just want to waste a pair of cranks like that, when I’m sure I could do something with them.

Hey, I was also considering a qu-ax, what about those???