Question on Leg Length

I just measured, I’m 83cm. =/

But I’m 180cm tall.

Are the measurements usually accurate?

The part that confuses me is that, the length on another 29" is different. Shouldn’t they be all the same? Logically speaking.

Like this one has a different dimension

if you need to you can cut the post.

First link has a reinforced Qu-ax seatpost, the one with the triangle.
Also, the seat tube can be higher.

Peter M

pembar: you live in Paris don’t you?
come and meet the gang:we’ve got all size of unicycles and you can try before buying. But I am pretty sure this is not going to be a problem.
(go for “randomono” on the french forum).



I kind of splurged on the Qu-Ax 29" Muni just last night. Mainly cos’ it’s slightly cheaper than the other two.

I went two Tuesdays ago to the rendezvous at Les Halles, but I didn’t think my unicycling abilities was good enough to not crash into any random tourist, so I didn’t bring my unicycle down. I just spoke briefly with the few people who were there early. I’ve been on the unicycle quite a bit since then, pretty confident about it now.

I plan to go to the same meeting on the 6th of May (This Tuesday sucks for me cos’ I’m a soccer freak as well and the Champion’s League games are at the same time), so hopefully I can get more “into” the unicycling crowd here into Paris then.

My main goal with Unicycling was getting from point A to point B. On the 20" I think that I’m already there, just that it’s slow, thus the need to get the 29".

I want to join you guys at some point in time (6th of May is very firm, I’ll definitely be there). I hope to see you there, if you can make it. Thanks. =)

The QU-AX 29" has 170mm cranks compared to the 125mm ones on the Nimbus 29" this will add 4.5cm t the leg length, the reinforced seatpost triangle probably adds the other 3.5cm to the leg length as it means the seatpost won’t go all the way down. This gives you the 8cm difference in leg length.