Question on form, My back is killing me.

Just a quickie, during some of my rides when I practice my hopping or tricks I notice my lower back starts to ache…It hasn’t really been a problem untill tonight. After a huge practice session (I probably hopped up and down various walls for about 2 hours + rode for another 2) My back started to really hurt. So I thought “Eh, I’m just going to lie down for a bit” All good. The pain disappeared; about 6 hours later My lower back is really cramped and sore.

I’m not trying to advertise here but I would appreciate it if you had a look at my latest video and let me know if my form is wrong or if there is anything I can do to lower the risk of pain. Is this normal for a beginner just getting into some tricks and hops?

On a side note, After learning how to crank grab my pedal keeps coming loose (the one I use to grab) Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

From the description it sounds like overuse of the muscles. Tired/sore, followed by rest, followed by crampy/sore. My guess is you just did too much all at once. Take it in smaller doses and the muscles will build up, and be able to go progressively longer.

I’ll leave it to the Trials/hopping experts to offer comments on your form.

It can be from wrenching on the seat when you hop.I had it for awhile and i learnt to tuck when i hop and it went away in a few days

I can see the problem right off. Notice that when you land or jump your upper half folds down. If your hamstrings are tight that will put stress on the lower back. By loosening your hamstrings you will fold more at the hips instead of that kind of hunched over folding you do know. Another thing that will help is to keep your head up after you have spotted your landing. That aligns the back and again will help you fold more at the hips. My guess is that you landed hard on one of your landings and ‘folded’ more than your back liked.

Find some stretches for hamstrings. You’re young, between some stretching, and your body getting used to it, you will be fine.

I agree with the others and I will add…

rest and have good posture

Then increase core strength with other excerises. You know, cross-training.

Thankyou for all the advice. I will watch some trials riding tonight and see if I can learn a thing or two from that, Looking back at that video I do seem to bend forwards way too much; I have been learning to roll out of my hops and I feel that it’s helping with my back.

Critter, I have been mindful of my posture as of last week but would you be able to recommend any core exercises? I do work out a little bit at home and do firetwirling every now and then (it’s a great upper body workout and it keeps you flexible!) so I’m hoping I don’t have to add too much to my usual routine.

I’m no extreme expert but it may be that the thread in your crank has been worn out a bit so the pedal becomes loose more quickly. If not that then just tighten your pedal really tight! (Don’t over tighten lol)

Do tummy crunches of all kinds.

here’s a great one for lower back:

  1. Lay on your stomach on the floor or mat with arms straight over head.
  2. Lift your arms, head, chest and your legs/knees off the ground and hold it for at least 20 seconds. Squeeze the butt tight.
  3. Do that 3 times.

Also a good stretch is laying on a giant ball inverted(back bend). It helps push the discs in between the vertebras back in place. (I’m not a doctor, but I have spent a lot of time trying to keep my back healthy.)

Really, fire twirling? I almost took a class in that. I’ve seen some of the best Hawaiians and Samoans performing at a luau.(s)

I recommend only hopping when you really have to, as each landing is banging on your back.
For example a unispin; only hop the moment you twist the unicycle.
From seeing the video it seems to me you break your landings too much with the bones connected to the hipbone (the ones below the coccyx, no idea what they are named in English). I think you can use your knees and especially your ankles some more.

Just to make sure; is your left pedal left, and your right pedal right?

There’s an even better one, that acrobats call “bananas”:

  • lay on the floor on your back
  • raise your feet from the floor AND raise your shoulders from the floor
  • start to “roll” (or should I say rock? or cradle?).

The 2nd variant is the same… but while laying on your stomic.

Especially the rocking makes the excerise train the entire muscle better than the static one.

I often get a sore lower back, more from sprinting in ultimate fris, or from hard muni. I do a bunch of cool back stretches/exercises.

A couple minutes of these exercises makes 95% of my soreness and stiffness go away, pretty much immediately.

Good luck.