question from a newbie


just bought my first unicycle and wanted to know if there was a relationship
between having the balance and co-ordination to ride a skateboard and the
balance and co-ordination to ride a unicycle. Of course the reason I ask
this is I could never ride a skateboard, not that I ever owned one or really
spent a lot of time trying to learn.

Also, what is the recommended tyre pressure psi for a basic model 20"

And finally, I rigged up an overhead rope in my garage but I have a feeling
this is not an optimal way to learn to ride as really my arms should be
outstretched horizontally rather than vertically. any opinions?


(I started by holding a rail about waste height, the progressed to post to post 9in a walkway.

Tyre pressure depends on your weight. A flatter tyre gives you more grip but I in general like mine with a high pressure but I weigh 85 KGs

I’ve never been able to ride a skateboard, I last tried a good long time ago, and thought it too unstable & I didn’t feel safe up there :roll_eyes: . I don’t think not being able to skate means you won’t be good on a uni. They are really different.


If you never owned a skateboard nor really tried to learn, what are you worried about? If you had tried really hard for a long time to skateboard and couldn’t, then you might be in trouble. But I have read, and since come to believe, that anybody can learn to unicycle or skateboard, assuming you don’t have a major physical handicap. So just practice hard and have fun and you will be riding in a few days or weeks. Of course, once you can ride straight, you will want to be able to turn. Then you will want to free-mount. Then you will want to idle and hop and ride backwards and…

About tire pressure: I am pretty new to unicycling myself, but I sure find it much easier when my tire is overinflated and very firm.

About the optimal way to learn to ride: I used a car for support. Use one hand on the hood to get on and get comfortable, then ride alongside the car, dragging your hand along it for side-to-side balance. When you get to the end of the car, see how far you can keep going past it. I don’t know if it’s the most optimal method, but it sure worked for me.

The tennis course training method you should use, a powerful method that is.

I skated for about 5 years before unicycling. Not that i was all that great at skateboarding. Honestly, i don’t think that skateboarding effected my learning to unicycle either way. I think that it has helped for identifying lines and understanding grinding and stuff, but if you’re just starting, that’s irrelevant. Just go for it. Put the time in and you’ll be just as good as any of us.

I used a brick wall. I had about 10 feet of space to ride forward and backward and forward and backward… It took a dedicated week with a few shin bruises.

If you have a tennis court available, that is by far the best site to learn at. I’d avoid overhead ropes and ski poles especially.

Of course having two unicycling buddies is even better :smiley: Check around for a club or just riders in the area. They may frequent this site.

Good luck!

In the absence of a friend on either side, a wall on either side (e.g. hallway) or a car on either side, or a row of dumpsters etc etc.

Just keeps you from learning to favor the side the one wall, or one car, or one dumpster is on.

Welcome to the forum. This is one great bunch of people. Lurk, search, and practice. Post everything else, and have fun.


I can’t ride a skateboard at all. I can longboard good though.

You know, all of those ideas are great. Better than just doing tria and error. I didn’t use anything I just kept getting up and falling down until I learned it. Pain helps it move along faster.

Where in Sydney are you ?

It might be interesting to have a ride together sometime - I’m in the inner west.

I’ve a coker and a 20" DM

talldave aat davidchapman dash sculptor dottcom

I can ride a unicycle for 20 miles without stopping, but I can hardly even do a wheelie on a bicycle. I can’t skateboard and I’m mediocre on ice skates. No doubt skill in one will help a bit with skill in another, but there’s no need.

Tyre pressure on a 20? Pump it up so hard you can’t squeeze it easily between your thumb and forefinger. Exact psi readings might matter for specialist uses like trials, but for general riding, high pressure is easier to ride, medium pressure is more comfortable, low pressure is worst of all worlds.