Question for the 29er crowd

Hi folks,

I’m trying to decide which 29er to buy.
I will be rideing paved roads with some hills, I want to go fast and for a long way, but not on a coker.
Any thoughts on semcycle XL 700c from UDC or the Semcycle XL lite 700c ? Both seem to have the same wheel build only different tires. It looks like the frame is the same on both. It’s hard to make a choise with out being able to ride a bunch of different unis.
I’ve got about $400 Canadian to play with.
Any advise would help alot.

Thanks Dave

Bump to the top.

For the riding that you have in mind, the choice of frame and wheelset is unlikely to be critical. The seat, tyre,cranks and pedals are all upgradeable.

Seat: you will have your own preference.
Tyre: I am exactly the wrong person to advise you.
Cranks: depends on your ability and local terrain.
pedals: the best you can afford.

In my opinion, the Schawlbe Big Apple tire is superior to the Nanoraptor for road riding, and probably superior to any other 29" tire. So your frame does make a difference, in that it has to be able to fit the Big Apple. The Sem XL does fit the Big Apple, but it is pretty tight clearance both on the sides and on the top. On my current ride (Sem XL with Big Apple), tire imperfections cause the tire to rub the frame in places when I pump it up to 60 psi.

I would recommend the Yuni 29" at $245 from


Download Bedford Unicycles Product list at Darren has everything you need and within your price range!

He has a 29" cross country unicycle for about $305.00.

Based on how you want to ride, I would recommend the Schwabble Big Apple on the uni. It is what I use and I love it! It is great for street and cross county riding. Use the 125 mm cranks and your off and running!

Mikefule thanks for the bump.
Rob I would like to buy from Darren but he says he’s out of stock till later this year on 29 frames.
The Big apple tire seems to be the way to go, but I still want to be able to run the narrowest frame that I can.
Any body else have any ideas?

Thanks Dave

The Sem XLW (W for wide) frame will fix the tyre rubbing problem. My 29er has this frame and I’ve been really happy with it - no problems with tyre rub nor knocking knees on the frame.
The Nimber 29er frame will also fit a Schwalbe Big Apple. Get the 28x2.35" version of the BA, rather than the 28x2".