Question for men

Hi everybody.
I apologize to the ladies on here but I got a question for the men.
I just started learning to ride. I’m about 3 days in to it and doing well. Unfortunately learning has required frequent re-mounting and so I need help with ways to help protect the ummm…uh…“twig and berries” from getting sore. I’ve tried “re-positioning” every time before mounting but to no avail.
Any suggestions?

depending on the type of ride i am going on i use different gear;
-for a muni ride i use downhill bike shorts with a padded pair of knicks inside
-for trials i use my wonder jocks they are briefs with a pouch that lifts and pushes out your twig and berries so you dont have to adjust them at all

Its too early. I was a victim of the “how do you get comfortable?” syndrome but it just comes with riding.
Now, after getting the correct seat height, I can move things up front and take a seat on my sit bones and all is well.
You’ll get there, don’ worry.

Try this:

when positioning the seat prior to mounting, place it further back than usual, then pull it forwards, in the process, shifting out of the way any bits of your anatomy that you don’t want to be sitting on- then mount.

This is how I get on my giraffe. It works pretty well and is easier than standing up to re-arrange.

+1 for this. At first you have to think about it, but then it becomes automatic.

… and of course there is still that random failed reposition as I mount which results in an awfully quick decision to get off the uni and retry. Ouch! There’s nothing like sitting on your nutz.

I’ve never actually sat on my nuts before… honestly I’ve always been pretty comfortable on my unicycle, when the seat isn’t so wide it rubs holes in my jeans, like on my learner.

Basically, from day one, when I mounted I would always move my pelvis forward on the seat a bit and then back, while standing up, and sitting down on the backwards movement. Everything would then be out of the way and I would be a happy unicyclist. It’s hard to explain, but if you experiment with moving around on the seat to get comfortable, you’ll figure it out.

I’m considering surgery, maybe a it drastic for a new rider…so in the meantime just move them out of the way

Just don’t bother; then in the end they’re so num that you wont feel any pain anymore.

The Kris Holm Fusion Freeride and. Qu-ax air saddles, have cut outs to help protect the plums. I own one of the Kh saddles and its much better than the standard seats that come with bikes. However, by far the most comfortable seat I’ve sat on so far was one of the gell filled ones (a cow print one from UDC).

Also, manscaping is recommended for this hobby.

The channels cut out of saddles are to avoid pressure on the perineum, pressure which causes numbness and for men could potentially lead to erectile disfunction if ignored regularly for long periods of time. I understand that for women pressure in this area, also giving rise to numbness, can lead to loss of sensitivity and possibly an inability to orgasm. These issues have been covered in the literature regarding bicycle seats, cutout channels are widely accepted to improve or completely avoid the issue.

Sitting on your testicles is a separate issue. Blunt trauma (especially of the repetitive variety) can result in sterility, so its a good idea to figure out how to be comfortable. Reduced fertility (both probably not absolute sterility) can also result from poor thermal regulation of the testicles.

I ride the KH fusion slim for commuting, often wearing jeans and jocks. I use the same technique as Milosboy to avoid sitting on my nuts. The only discomfort I suffer is some very minor chaffing from the seam of the jocks on the inside of the leg. But my commute is only 15mins, so it doesnt bother me much. For muni, I ride a KH fusion freeride and wear padded bib nix. No discomfort when riding in this configuration.

If you experience numbness and/or testicular trauma, STOP RIDING. Change your setup, try a different saddle, saddle angle, height, etc.

+1 on the manscaping, just be done with it, once you go skin you’ll never go back. Of course, there is the issue with explaining to the wife/girlfriend… :roll_eyes:

Alos try some lycra shorts, that’ll help keep things where you put them.

I’ve never actually gone full-skin, setting #2 or #3 on my trimmer is usually more than enough. And the ladies prefer that to a forest anyway, from what I can tell. :wink:


This is to true! A build up of hair causes incredible discomfort! Proper under wear also helps! You need something with some support, so i am wearing a sport boxer so there is no bunching of fabric. (link here: Bicycle shorts!!! bicycle shorts!!! i an currently only using the spandex inner liner and wearing a hurley phantom board short over top. Before i ride i do a good thorough stretch rub my hands all over and make sure all my under carriage is sitting just right.

If you having issues explaining the manscaping to your significant other… they need to be talked to…

Where are the ladies on this???

Twig and berries, meat and two veg, surf board and two bowling balls. . . . Good lord how many times will this question get asked? Its so 1999 . . . but does spark an even better question, why don’t the ladies on here start a similar thread . . .with actual pictures of the offended lady parts!!! Please!!!
Yes, I am still like 12 inside, but seriously . . . .
Maybe we need to establish a “sticky” at the beginning of this forum that lists all the threads for the overall genitalia injury topic - so newbies can get their gonad-related questions answered right form the get-go?.


Two veggies? Ummm, do you mean like “fruit type” veggies :wink:

I agree on the stickies, maybe one for leaning and one for comfort related issues.

What I find most intersting is that I rarely think about the ole meat and veggies, they just sorta do their own thing, which seems to come with time in the saddle.

Penis. Testicle. Bicycle.

Why can’t folks use the words that actually mean what they’re talking about? I understand some of the alternatives are amusing, but there seems to be a lot of embarrassment which is entirely unnecessary.

PS: Brycer said ‘lady parts’… Hehe…

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