Question for John Childs!!!

Hey John, I searched the threads for Giraffe skills and cam across your post about the Giraffe Skills at Unicycle Central. I am pretty sure that I could do up to 7-3, maybe 7-4. Is it possible to video myself doing the skills and send it somewhere to have a grade done on it, or do I have to go to a convention or something where there are judges.

I am really trying to push my giraffe skills lately and although I don’t do a lot of freestyle on a regular uni, I have secured an indoor facility to work on stuff during the winter. Both regular and giraffe.

if you don’t mind my asking - where did you secure this facility? I’m looking for the same sort of thing, and I’ve been looking around but so far, no dice.

The skill levels at Carol McLean’s Unicycle Central are a work in progress and a proposal for a new set of skill levels to replace the current 1-10 skill level system. The new system include separate divisions for freestyle, technical, giraffes, ultimate wheels, and others.

I don’t know the status of the new skill level system or how far they are in development. They’re not official so there is no official judging for them yet. Nowhere to officially send in videos to get officially judged.

You can go through the new levels and use them as a basis for learning. Then send in your opinions on the system for improvements or other comments.

I really think this thread needs to serve a larger purpose. It would not be fair to let it die off just because the initial question has been answered. Let this thread now serve as the vehicle to address specific questions only to John Childs. For those times when no one else’s expertise will do.

JC: In your view, what is the proper beer to miles ratio when participating in a moderate- to long-distance urban coker ride? I stress urban with the assumption that pubs or restaurants will be available essentially “on demand” at any part of the ride.

Thanks for your thoughts.


The limiting factors on such a ride are the necessity for more bathroom breaks, the necessity of finding an available public restroom when you need it, and making sure you never exceed the legal BAC for operating a vehicle. It becomes a mater of optimizing within those constraints.

Hmm isn’t this the constraint set for the proper procedure for developing the optimal ratio? I think Tom was asking for the proper ratio itself. :thinking:

Dave is correct that I was looking for some hard numbers, but as a true teacher, John is teaching me to drink rather than just giving me a drink.

Back on topic: John, will you be going on today’s ride at St. Ed’s?

Sounds fishy to me. :wink:

I think I missed it.
I’ll be Seattle side on Sunday for a performance at the Seattle Center.


Were you at the The Great Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race that started today?

Edit: Are there any unicycle entries? (this is RSU after all)

Nope. I didn’t go to see the kinetic sculpture entries this year. And I’m going to miss the race tomorrow since I’ll be in Seattle. I took a good look at the sculptures last year and on previous years. The closest thing to a unicycle entry are a few that use Coker wheels.