question for 24" DX owners

Who has upgraded from the stock Kenda 24x2.6 tire? If you’ve upgraded (like to the Duro Racing Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 DH Tire), why? If you didn’t upgrade, why?

You would upgrade because a 24x3.0 tire has tons more volume to absorb bumps.

I didn’t upgrade because I prefer the lighter weight and greater control of the 2.6 tire.


I did consider it, but honestly, I didn’t feel like dropping 30 bucks on a change that I didn’t particularly want or need.

I was thinking about getting a duro but when I rode unicyclepa’s duro on his kh it really didn’t seem like I needed it. with that tire on, the kh and the dx were almost similar in weight if the dx had the kenda. (his was a hair lighter) so I just figured it wasn’t worth it. Plus I’m more of a cross country rider so I don’t like having such a big fat tire, too much friction.

During the fall and summer however I do ride with the Maxxis Hookworm
24"x2.5" for street/trials type riding when I dont feel like going out on the trials uni. Everyone suggests that big fat fireball tire or whatever for street riding on a 24" but I vote Hookworm all the way, and from seeing his uni in videos, Justin Koeshe (sp?) agrees. Its super light, its slick and has plenty of air volume, equal to that of the CC.

I have a 2006 24" DX with the stock Kenda tire. I also have recently purchased a 2007 KH 24 with the stock Duro Leopard tire and would have to suggest that if I decide to keep the DX I would definetly uprade to the Duro.
All of my riding at this time of the year is on snow and ice and the Duro performs much better in these conditions than the Kenda. The Duro is also way bouncier than the Kenda using the same tire pressure (20 psi)

When I upgraded my KH to a Gazz, I put the Duro 3.0 on my son’s DX wheel. We ride in very rocky terrain, and the extra rubber makes it easier to roll through the rock gardens. One of my riding buddies also upgraded his DX to the Duro, and wouldn’t go back. But it’s again due to terrain–where we ride, you need every bit of cushion you can get. I rode on my old muni with a 26 x 2.6 gazz recently, and the difference was very noticable–far bumpier ride. Plus I like the bounce of the extra air when I’m hopping.

The 3 inch duro gives you alot more bounce and cushion but does add weight to the uni. i have it on my kh24 and it is great for rocky and rough sections. it all depends on what you are using it for.