QUESTION: "celticgreen_00", Where Are You? WHO Are You?

Please remove the “xyz” from the address if replying by email. Thank you.

On August 5th, someone named “celticgreen_00” sent (through Yahoo) the following


You have been invited by celticgreen_00 to join the Listed Yahoo! Club named
“Where is my other wheel”.


As USUAL, I didn’t get around to reading it until about two days ago…

{Hey, at least it’s the same YEAR! <G> }

I tried checking, but I can’t find out who “c_00” is, and the club “Where is my
other wheel” no longer exists. Apparently “c_00” is a female, but that’s all I
know. [I thought it might be one of the Marsh sisters, but I emailed Tammy and she told me no.]

If celticgreen_00 is reading this, PLEASE email me back. Also, please believe me
that I didn’t snub your invitation. I just never read it. <G>

-Allan “UniCoastie” Gaines North Carolina, USA