Question: bottom line reason

I was once asked:
Is it the attention you get, or the act of unicycling you enjoy most?

I’m sure I enjoy the attention, but am aware that I usually find myself riding where I know I will not be seen by anyone. If I know I won’t be seen, but still enjoy doing it, it can’t be for the attention. Then again, it’s really fun when someone sees me making a tough climb, or cleaning a drop, or… and I’m back to wondering.

What do you enjoy most about unicycling?

Re: Question: bottom line reason

Simply because I can. Everything new is just another bonus.


I’m right with ya. Sure ego is a factor, probably for most unicyclists. Plus you have to be at least a little bit of an exhibitionist. But the joy of riding, the friendship, the exercise I get from my chosen sport, and the fresh air and scenery outweigh the showoff angle, at least after my first year or two of riding.

Including when I did shows for a living. When entertaining, the idea is for the audience to have at least as much fun as you. If you can succeed in this, your show will be very popular.

I practice tricks in a gym, and I ride on remote trails. Very little of my riding is in “public” these days.

Either the chafing or the bruising. Both are highly desirable. Hope to see you in MN again, Jer.

Actually I would prefer not to be so conspicuous … not a chance when riding on one wheel though… too bad because I just love how it feels to ride a uni and wish I would be as unnoticeable as your average bike rider… but being noticed is a price I am willing to pay because of the fun I have riding.


much as i hate kids and still campaign for mandatory abortion, the smile on a kid’s face as u ride past is rather priceless

i get a major kick from impressing myself and learning to ride and learning new tricks all the time give me that

a bit of both i guess
that yin yang thing

Re: Question: bottom line reason

When you aren’t on your unicycle you ride a 48” high-wheeler bike. You unicycle and hang out with at least two mountain bike clubs, but have never owned a mountain bike. Methinks you like to be different. And noticed. :sunglasses:
But, I know you do long, hard rides where there is no one around which requires a lot of motivation to train and improve.

I think I am about the same. I am often able to accomplish things on my unicycle with an audience that I can’t make myself do when I am alone. It is a blast to see the shocked look on someone’s face when you do something they though impossible. Most of the time I enjoy talking to people on the trail and trying to get them interested in unicycling, other times I just want to ride so I try to avoid people. When I daydream it is usually about something cool I did on my muni, not about who was watching… Oh, who am I trying to fool, it’s about SHOWING OFF!

Scott Wallis

I like the thrill of just being out there on the trail, and getting the fresh air.
Not that i dont like all the attention :sunglasses:


Jer, You might want to check your Private Messages.

I’m a performer, and love to entertain a crowd, audience or small group, and I sometimes use my unicycle in those performances. However, I mainly ride for the sheer fun and challenge. Yeah, I like a bit of positive feedback, and it feels good to be seen succeeding on a difficult stretch of trail, but frankly I get p***ed off with the smart arsed comments.

I’d rather meet no one at all when I’m riding, but have good audiences when I’m performing. I can tell the difference, and I just wish that the Great British Public had the perspicacity and manners to notice and respect the difference.

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