Question about Wheelwalking

Recently I’ve started to wheelwalk small distances, but i’ve been limited to where i can do it because i only know how to begin when i’m holding onto something.

So what’s the easiest way to transition from normal riding —>>> wheel walking?

I’ve tried to do it but all my attempts have ended in failure.:frowning:

when I first started wheel walking I would mount right into the wheel walking. Start with one foot on the pedal in the down position then step directly to the wheel with your other foot and give it a push and then get that first leg onto the wheel as well.

Thanks BrianO
I tried that and it works well, but was still wondering how to go from riding to wheelwalking?

Oddly enough, I mount and go into wheel walking just how I mount to ride or go into one-footed riding.

I mount my uni right my right foot going on the right pedal while its in back. When mounting into a wheel walk, I use my right foot on the tire, push the wheel and bring up my left foot.

When going into one footed riding, ill bring up my left foot first, either having it to the side, front, back, or frame. When riding into a wheel walk, I tend to slow down a little bit, to a nice comfortable slow pace, then bring my left foot up on the wheel. Sometimes I stop the wheel for a quick second and then push with my left foot while bringing up my right.

Usually though, ill be riding at a good pace, bring up my left foot to the wheel, and push, not stopping the tire, but keeping it in one steady motion, and then bring my right foot up right after wards.

The way I learned was to ride, slow down, and put my good foot onto the the tire as my crank was coming up to the top.

then see how many kicks i could get in until i fell off.

you swill soon be able to kick more, and also slower and with more control

i found riding up a slight incline also helped learning to wheel walk, as it allows your posture to go back further, to a point which feels way too creepy on flat land to begin with.

riding up hill, i found, allows you to push your legs more down, then out in front of you.

I learned on a 24", but on a 20" would probably allow your legs to be less bent, and therefore perhaps easier.