Question about UDC hubs...

Hello, first I’d like to say that this is a great site. I’ve been using the search for the last month or so for all of my questions and most times, there is an answer.

I’m wanting to get my first unicycle but did have a question. I have been looking at the UDC Club uni’s and would like to know if any of you guys know if the hub is CrMO or not. When I searched on it, some people say they are, some say they aren’t. UDC’s british site says the hubs are CrMO but the US one is a little vague.

Also, how easy would it be to upgrade the hub to ISIS down the road if I decide to do anything more technical than just riding around my yard? I think I saw some KH bearings that would allow the use of an ISIS hub in 40mm bearing housings but set me straight if I’m wrong.

Thanks for the help. It’s very much appreciated.

I don’t know anything about details but welcome! Yay! New unicycler like me!

Even I’m a newish rider, but I’d say get a Hoppley on UDC. The hubs are hardened, and I’ve been hopping around on it a fair amount for it only being an entry-level uni. Not to mention it was only $85 + shipping. By the time you’ll get into doing technical stuff, you could just buy a new uni that’s already ISIS like pretty much any nimbus. They run about $300+. Then again, I’m a newbie like you, but that’s what I’d do(rhyme unintended)!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

What size uni are you considering? Most likely you will upgrade with a new uni when it’s time to push to the next level. With that in mind I would think about what you need right now, and not be too concerned about the future. The Club uni’s don’t seem to have very much space for a large tire that you would want for MUni, or Trials. So, that ends up being the more limiting factor with upgrade-ability.

The UDC U.S. site is lacking in a lot of detail, and some of the info has been proven false in the past. When in doubt I double check with the U.K. site, and find it to be more informative, and more correct. Based on your own research I would say that the hub is the CrMo version.

The frame has pressed bearing holders that accept the ISIS bearing without fuss. There’s no need to get the special bearings. Those bearings are designed for frames with machined bearing holders like older Hunter’s, and some Nimbus’s.

Why upgrade? to have a stronger wheel. The UDC CrMo hub is a nice piece that can put up with a fair amount of abuse. If you pair it up with decent square taper cranks like the Venture 2’s, or some bike trials cranks you will have a setup that would be strong enough for a lot of riders, even riding MUni. The rim is your real weak point, and that can be replaced easily enough.

First of all, thanks for the help guys! Second, I know the CrMO hub is a very good hub. I was meaning that if it wasn’t CrMO, I’d likely upgrade later on. Now that we think the hub is a CrMO, I think that will definitely be more than enough, I don’t plan on any big drops or anything crazy like that.

I didn’t realize the frame had the pressed in bearing holders. That’s definitly good news, but with the CrMo hub, I may never need the ISIS hub.

I was considering the 26" wheel as I’m more concerned with going faster than how many tricks I’ll be able to do. My all time goal will be a Coker a few years down the road. A 24" is not out of the question though, easier to learn, and they have a sweet looking orange frame.

With the CrMO hub, like you said I could just upgrade to a double walled rim and better cranks down the road as well.

Knowing the hub is CrMO, my mind is definitely made up! Just need to ultimately decide on a wheel size.

Thanks a bunch jtrops! That was exactly what I need to hear!