question about seat covers.

I noticed somehting today while I was trialsing. I recently bought a nimbus gel seat a few months ago, and I love it, but the cover is cutting a lot easier than my KH fusion seat I had on it before. I have been riding similar terrain on both seats too. I was wondering, will a non fusion seat cover rip easier because it is stretched tought around the seat as opposed to a not very tight fusion cover?


what does everyone think?


I find the because the gel tends to be more easily compressed it tends to bulge out a bit more at the sides. I have a fusion cover over one of the bedford gel seats and the cover is satrting to rip alot at the back from when the seat slides along the ground. It happens. Its the problem with gel seats, only solution is to cut back the gel (which may or may not solve the problem), or get a bigger bumper so that it actualy slides on the ground and not the seat.

The Fusion seat covers are the deluxe seat covers. They are designed for more wear and made with different materials and possibly thicker fabric. The standard KH, Velo, Torker DX, and UDC seats are not using the same material as the Fusion seats.

That’s all just a general rule. The Fusion seat cover is generally going to be the better seat cover compared to the other similar style seats. Any of the other seats could opt for stronger and more durable materials so things could always change.

The general KH seat design is owned by Velo. Velo makes the seats as an OEM for the other brands. The seats are made to the specifications of whoever makes the order. They can opt for less expensive material or more expensive material. The KH Fusion is one that opts to be deluxe.