question about schwinn giraffe

I have a schwinn giraffe I purchased in the early 80,s. They were sold as 6’ giraffes.I measured and it is almost 6’ from ground to top of saddle.It’s only 57" from ground to top of frame.Is this considered a 5’ or 6’ ? Does anyone know if a 24" wheel will fit this unicycle.
Thanks, Jeff

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It is measured to an average saddle hight and it is considered a six footer. I have two of them and I have replaced the wheel with a standard 20" wheel on one and a 24" on the other I had a 26" wheel on there at one time but it was faster than I liked and it made it hard to do tricks.


It was my first unicycle (I already knew how to ride but that’s another story), the Schwinn U-72. Mine measures 72" from ground to top of seat when the seatpost is at the max. mark. At least they don’t measure them diagonally like they do with TVs and monitors!

Schwinn only ever made the 6’ model; never made any other size giraffes. The frames were well constructed and very strong, and should be considered collectors’ items! Or just good, sturdy machines.

really, because I have a really really really old schwinn giraffe that’s 5’. It still has crumbling schwinn stickers on it.

How old do you think your giraffe is? Schwinn made them from 1977-1983. That was it. After ‘83, anything still in stores was aging inventory. The Schwinn Giraffe frame is almost exactly 4’ high from top to bottom (I leaned this from taking it apart for air travel).

If your unicycle is indeed only 5’ tall, it’s something else. Hope you weren’t swindled! They generally sell for more than “generic” giraffes. What’s it look like?

My car has a Kris Holm, Juno Cykler and maybe a Bedford sticker on it, but it didn’t come from any of those places. Plus I have Schinn Giraffe stickers in a file folder somewhere.

I got mine in 77 from a Schwinn bike shop in Farmington New Mexico when I was 12 years old. The second one came from a friend who I used to ride with but who gave up unicycling and after having it in her garage for many years. She gave it to me after trying to sell it in several garage sales.

You can tell what year your giraffe was made by looking at the serial number. I don’t have mine to look at right now because I am at work but I think it’s the first numbers of the serial #.