Question about rotating cranks

Well today i relised how much the tread on my tire had been warn out so i decided to rotate my cranks. But unfortunatly i didnt have the right equipment so i couldnt. So what i then did was just deflate the tire and and then pull it so i would then use a different section of the tire.

So my question is, is what i did fine? because by rotating the cranks you also move the rim around to i different section…Is it important to keep on altering the position of the rim as well as the tyre??

Thanks for any help

that should be fine. if your rim is dinged, true it, don’t just rotate the cranks. the rim won’t really “wear out” in the same type of way as the tire will.

It’s fine. I did the same a few weeks back.
I’ve never heard of the importance of rotating your rim, so can’t help you there, but I’d guess it’s a minor issue.

It’s worth rotating the cranks by 90 degrees, or the tyre, to even out the tyre wear. The tyre scrubs on sharp turns, which are normally at the same part of the pedal stroke, which is why you get uneven wear.

The wheel doesn’t get localised stresses and wear in the same way. I suppose it might if you do lots of hopping and dropping because you will usually land witht he cranks horizontal, and probably usually with the same foot forwards. However, for normal riding, I wouldn’t worry.

Do get the correct tools to remove your cranks, though. Never try jobs like that witht he wrong tools, because you will cause frustration to yourself and damage to the unicycle. This will cause further annoyance which may make you throw the unicycle at the wall in a fit of temper, causing further damage to the unicycle and possibly to the wall. That will upset you even more, and very probably annoy the owner of the wall. This will lead to a spiral of anger, damage and further anger which will escalate completely out of control.

It is a little known fact that if Adolf Hitler had bought a proper crank removing tool in early 1939, and had not stripped a thread, lost his temper and thrown his unicyle at his Polish neighbour’s newly whitewashed wall, World War 2 might have been avoided.

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