Question about Roach/RaceFace Leg Armor

Are Roach and RaceFace the same company? My friend recommended that I buy some Roach Indy Knee/Shin guards because my KH leg armor keeps sliding down when I fall and it exposes my knee. He showed me his badass leg guards that actually have straps around the top part of the guard which keep it in place. The Roach ones seems to be harder to find, and about 70-90 bucks. The RaceFace ones looks identical and I can find them for as low as 19 bucks. Does anyone know if these are the same or if their is a sacrifice in quality for the cheaper brand? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

You could cut the top off your kh’s and use those knee gaskets or just get any of the other full shin/knee pads they have.

KH does have straps over the top of the knee… So you might have some really small ones then?

The KH straps are a little low and the back of the strap always settles on the inside of my knee which allows them to fold. I have the biggest size but even then my legs are pretty chunky so that could be the problem. I like the idea of cutting them down, that might work. Thanks :slight_smile:

I wear a set of Fox neoprene knee pads under my KH leg armor, and that takes care of the knee strap issues (they used to rub on my right knee) as well as the slight slippage when I hit the ground on my knees. I don’t know if the Fox are still made or not, but they’re about the same as 661 Veggie knee pads. They also have the advantage of being snug enough to stabilize my knees–so much so that I wear them now when I run, too, just because they minimize knee pain both during and after.