Question about putting together my unicycle.

Well howdy again :slight_smile:

I got my unicycle today, and started putting it together following my own initiative, as its not exactly hard. Then I got stuck with the seat, so watched a video on how to put one together…

However I’m still stuck.
Basically, I dont know how to put my seat on so that i can adjust its hight. I will include pictures as that’ll probably help you see why I’m stuck.

Probably just being silly, but hey ho!
Here are the piccys:

Someone cleverer will come along soon but in the mean time,

Undo the lever on the first pic.Put the first picture onto the 2nd. Then slot the 3rd (seatpost) inside. You can lift it up or down and then when its the right height, push the lever down.

Maybe that made sense…i’m not sure :S :slight_smile:

I tried that, but this is what i end up with :S

You cant tell on the picture, but the slot on picture number 2 doesn’t go all the way through (as in, it doesnt go through the opposite piece of metal )
Sorry if im just being daft xD

OH! And you cant tell, but the metal thing with the clip (picture one) doesnt go lower than that on the bike thing.

Umm I don’t quite understand what you mean (sorry), however my advise would be if its all secure tehn its probably alright to ride.

Well, if you look at the metal clip with the screw etc on it. It doesnt go lower than it is on that picture.

And thats the problem, i cant ride it because i cannot secure the sadel :S

It all looks good so far. The slot only needs to be on one side (This should be the back of the unicycle). Everything is positioned about right. To do up the clamp, turn the lever until it is horizontal, then pull it out so that it is sticking out at right angles to the frame. Then turn the nut on the other side so that it is about finger-tight. If you then push the lever back again, it should end up fairly neatly out of the way and very tight so that the seatpost doesn’t move.


That picture is as tight as i can get the thing to go using my fingers…
And because its attatched to the frame, not to the metal pole on the seat, I’m not sure how it’ll make a difference…?

Is that the right nut on the end of the screw? The screw should go all the way through it, but it doesn’t look like it is doing so. It’s hard to tell though as the photos aren’t really in focus. Are there any other nuts supplied with it (or lying around in your garage or toolbox) that fit?


If you’ve undone the lever and tightened the screw on the right-hand side and pushed the lever back down it should all be tight & set to go :slight_smile:

Right, well I’ve managed to twist the nut right to the end (i think it was on the wrong way round) but its not clamping to the seat at all. Even if it clamped down, it would only be onto the blue frame, not onto the silver pole of the seat…?

See in the picture below, the seat pole is touching the wheel.

It will work, it just has to be tight. The clamp squeezes the blue frame, and the blue frame in turn squeezes the silver seatpost and it all stays there. If the lever on the clamp doesn’t take a lot of pressure to push, then it’s not tight enough.


Okay then, i’ll keep trying to tighten it. Thanks you guys :slight_smile:

I am not sure I follow all the “explanations” above. Maybe this will help.

Look at my edited picture. Notice the red letters I have added to your photo.

A - raise the lever so it is horizontal - this loosens the clamp
B - tightened the nut
C - lower the lever so it is vertical - this tightens the clamp
D - looks like your post is too long.

Wow… that was very cool of you to spend the time to make that image.
I hope it helps him.

Your unicycle looks as lot like the one I bought my daughter. I got it on ebay.

I had trouble with the seat clamp on it too.

Here’s the unicycle

Here’s the problem with the seat post clamp.

The rod in the clamp was assembled backwards. The side with more threads should be on the end with the nut… so it can tighten further.

I ended up breaking the rod before fixing it. I’m a fairly advanced do-it-yourselfer… so I was able to recover by drilling out part and creating my own threaded rod from a screw.

Can you confirm this is the same problem?
If it is, and you think you want to fix it yourself, I can explain the procedure I would have performed given the benefit of hindsight.

This is like pulling teeth.

It’s a seat clamp, not rocket science!

but how do you know that rockets don’t have seat clamps, and therefore this IS rocket science?

but yeah, i am concerned that if the OP can’t figure out something like a seat clamp then actually riding is going to be a nightmare (well, more than it is for everyone anyway when they start). i’ve just been accused of being a troll, yet i wonder if perhaps THIS isn’t a true troll having a go.

the only believable issue with a seat clamp was illustrated by MuniOrBust. now THAT would probably leave many scratching their heads wondering wtf is going on. but why would you design a seat clamp with threads like that anyway? wouldn’t it be easier all-round to just manufacture the threads the same length? probably a good reason for it i suppose.

To wheel rider, thanks for the picture :slight_smile:
I knew roughly what everything was supposed to do, I just couldn’t manage it.
It would just not tighten.
To MuniOrBust, that is definaltey the same unicycle, although I’m fairly sure its the same
problem to be honest.
Basically I just went for the tightening. Grabbed myself a clampy tool (aha, I’m not a DIY-er)
and just tightened it up like that. The bolt didnt snap, was just really really hard to make
it stay, took a lot of tightening to even be able to put pressure on it.

To IntoTheBlue & nubcake - It was the problem illustrated by MuniOrBust, so was a bit more awkward
that I could imagine. I knew how the clamp was supposed to work, it just didnt =S

Thanks for everyone’s input :slight_smile:

well in that case i wonder if maybe there isn’t a batch of clamps floating around with the same issue.

what an ass of a problem to have. there’s something to be said for clamps that use allen bolts… with the old seat clamp i was always adjusting the seat to straighten it up or raise/lower it to try to find a better height that would make riding easier. with the allen bolted one on my nimbus it doesn’t move and i’m not tempted to change it around. keeps things consistent, plus you don’t have to bust your hand trying to flip the clamp over when you tighten it up.

Sounds like you got it to work. I couldn’t get mine to work without modifying it.
I hope it stays for you.