Question About Pre-hops

When most people side hop they do their pre hop jumping 30-100cm sideways before they hop up the object. I noticed that Joe Hodges jumps about 1m sideways for his pre hop.

I’m just curious about why people do it jumping sideways. I always do my prehops staying in the same spot. Would I get higher by learning to jump sideways? I would of thought you get better and more even bounce from the tyre if you stay in the same spot for the pre-hop.


Jumping sideways is important for sideways momentum to land up something. If you didn’t have this momentum, you’d fall back down. Kinda hard to explain.

I think both ways work. It sounds like your riding style is somewhat like mine, as when im jumping up things around 30-34", im pretty close to the object, maybe a few inches out when I do a prehop. So being able to do this isnt a bad thing, cause not every line is going to allow for you to get a good long prehop.

And Danni put the pros of what Joe hodges and others do.

Im sure that when I start going a little bit higher, ill move a few inches out to have enough sideways movement to get onto the ledge or whatever.

Learn and use both ways. Theres plenty of times where I get the height, but my tire misses the ledge, or I hit just a few mm of my tire on and I slip off onto my crank. Other times my timing is wrong, and I clip my pedal on the object as im bring my tire up. So find your balance and keep practicing.

EDIT: Im gonna try to explain a little bit of what Danni said. When you go straight onto something, and your main way of getting the tire on the ledge is to twist your tire, sometimes youll have too much force on that twist, so even if your tire gets up there, it keeps twisting and you wreck. Sometimes getting your ankle twisted with the wheel being pushed on it.

With the sideways momentum in your body, you land, and even with the twist of the wheel (Which can add some inches, or maybe just 1" to your height) the momentum keeps you traveling, and distributes the force so that your uni doesnt collapse and you end up straightening out, and can continue with your line.

This is how it feels at least when im out riding and jumping. Danni, im sure from all your practice, you have experienced too. So does that seem about right?

OK. I understand now. I can only jump about 50-55cm atm but my guess is it becomes more important for higher hops. I still hop up on quite a big angle, like instead of jumping straight upwards I start maybe 40cm out from the ledge.

Like Danni said, it gives you momentum and it also compresses the air in your tire a bit better giving you more of a bounce.