Question about picture

hi there,

i need some help: we’ve got a discussion about this picture:
in the swiss forum (yes something like this exists :o )

the questions:
who is it?
is it photoshoped?
where is the original?
does he wear a helmet/shin guards? (bad quality, so we can’t really see)


Who is it? I have no idea.
Is it photoshopped? I say definitely.
Where is the original? Cant help you there, sorry.

It could be Karl Thompson,

(I think that’s his name)
And I don’t think it’s photoshopped.

Thing is thats very possible for any good trials ridder

That is indeed Karl Thompson on the Porcupine Ridge Trail in Moab. I have that photo as my desktop. I think it was taken at the 2004 Moab MUni weekend. It is not photoshopped. There were people lined up all along there photographing and filming Karl. The copy I have was taken by Nathan Hoover. There is a sequence of this in one of Dan Heaton’s videos. He has a helmet and shin guards on in the photo.

Thats definitely not photoshopped and its definitely not Moab. You can find it on the koxx-one website under “07.05.12 Mayotte Reunion” I believe the rider’s name is Matt Huet, hes a sponsored Koxx-one rider.

Here it is:

Another shot from the same area:


Another from the same album showing the rider:

The rider on the cliff may actually be Tiffouille, his rider profile shows him on that uni.

thanks a lot!!

Please remember to properly season your crow before you eat it.

That helps.

Yes. My crow tasted very good after I realized that I was referring to the photo provided by James_Potter and not the one referenced in the initial post.

Mine tasted perfectly fine as it was. However, it was crowfu due to me being vegetarian.