question about mud and brakes

I want a picture like this, but with unicycles. I have a few suppressed guns that would look sweet. Just need a few people that can ride to help me pull it off :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a couple around here

I was searching for a translation of “all purpose cleaner” then a brand “break free” showed up. The MIL and NATO code and warning indicated to me it wasn’t a product you would find at your local supermarket.

Anyway, I was suggesting cleaning your unicycle just with a brush and ‘all purpose cleaner’ (and don’t bother scratches too much, the rim will last for a while).

It’s a real danger on tandems, on long descents loaded up with touring kit. That’s why touring tandems tend to have a secondary drum brake (or sometimes a large disc) to use as a drag down long hills and keep the heat away from the rim.

I’d be impressed if anybody managed it on a unicycle though :slight_smile:


EDIT: Just realised Eric already said that :confused: