Question about learning..

Hey there, I’m new to the forums, so try and bear with me :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about getting a unicycle lately, and wondered-as I’m learning, does it really matter if i get a pricey one, or a crappy cheap thing?

These are the 3 I’ve spotted that looked ok to my untrained eyes-

Pretty red one

One that sounds very good

One thats cheap and probably not that great, but that sounds good for value for a beginner

Anyway, I was wondering which out of these 3 do you guys and gals think I should get? And if you know anything better in a similar price range, what can you recommend?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

To be honest, none of them are great… but for that price range I guess it’s no surprise.

I’d avoid the pretty red thing because it does look far too plasticy and delicate for a learner. I’d avoid the Raleigh one too - don’t be fooled by the brand, their unicycles have cheap and nasty lolipop bearings that are best avoided. The third one actually looks about the best of the bunch, but, again, it ain’t great.

Of a similar price, there’s this one;
It looks to me like it uses standard fittings on it, so as and when things break or need upgrading, you can get bits to fit it rather than chuck the whole thing.

Another option is the Lidl unicycle. They sell the B-Square brand, and for £35 it’s actually a great bit of kit. The only catch is that they only seem to sell them sporadically so you may have to keep an eye on the local news letter.

There are some great second hand unicycles on eBay too - but then again, there is some real crap. But the chances are, a decent second hand unicycle will be cheaper and better than a cheap new one.


I went with the crappy cheap one to start, in fact, I got mine for free from a storage room. It had been sitting for 5 years before I found it.

You may beat up your first one. I would get a crappy one, learn on it, and find out how much you want to upgrade based on how much you like it later. : )

It’s very possible to learn on a crappy one. The one I learned on (and am still riding for a few weeks) has a wheel that isn’t true. Sealed non-replaceable bearings, and a quick release on the seat that sticks out way too far, and hits the leg on occasion, but it works!

I will say that you will want to upgrade shortly after learning the basics.

Thanks for the link semach.the.monkey, that does look pretty good, its a shame there aren’t any for sale now :frowning:

Might go for the cheap blue one for the time being, as its rare for me to have money over a value of £20 so best to buy while i can xD

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: