Question about Koxx-One cranks

I think I’ve a problem with the way my pedals are being fitted. I’ve not noticed how they felt like initially but noticed that it sounds loose when I tried some unispins.

I can turn the spindle connecting my pedal to the crank slightly in both directions easily with my fingers. I can’t loosen the pedals all the way though (it turns only about half a round in both directions) but the symptom is identical in both pedals. Is this normal?

I heard that Koxx cranks (mine are 125 street) require washers but I’m not sure how they look like. Are they included with the cranks/hub and are they inbuilt? Does anyone have a picture of them and how they look like when fixed on?


For some strange reason, my pedals are tight after I left them overnight. I think the problem might lie with different contraction rates of the parts in contact. Is anyone else experiencing something similar?

washers are for old cranks (two years old i think) watevers if you use old koxx cranks without washers for only an hour, they are destroyed and you can’t repaird it.

Id love to help but im not sure what you are sayin. There are washers that go inbetwean the bearings on the hub and the crankarm those would not effect your pedals. Are your pedals all the way tight? Cant you just tighten the pedals all the way on and no more jingle jingle… can you explain your problem a bit more clearly?

u dont have that washer that goes imbetween the cranks and the bearings on the new cranks you wont destroy them but the frame will slide side to side…

No, you are talking about the plastic spacers.

The koxx cranks I have require washers on the pedal spindles or you will destroy the steel inserts.

not on mine…well they didnt come with spacers so we called rennegade and they sent us these spacers that were aluminum and they were too big…so we had to file them down and got them to fit…
i have the street cranks too…

Yeah, the street cranks are completely different.

I don’t know much about the street cranks, but the trials cranks on my buddies orange bud didn’t need washers between the pedals/cranks…however…my TrackMonster did. They sent them to me in the box.

All Koxx-one cranks that aren’t the street cranks or the 140 mm cranks need the washers. It is a thin washer that goes onto the pedal spindle. If you don’t have that washer it will destroy itself. Contact the people who sold the cranks to you, if they don’t believe that they shoudl replace the cranks and send you the washer than I could always forward you the email from Yoggi I got that said this washer was needed.

I found out it’s probably not a washer problem. It’s SO weird. After riding intensively (i.e. hops and regular riding for > 2 hours), the pedals become loose again. I tightened them a little more today and they’re now fine. If it’s an expansion/contraction problem, I hope the tightness doesn’t exert too much pressure in the cranks…