question about juggling

Sorry…I don’t want to seek out a juggling forum, and sit in front of the computer looking at THAT all day, too!

I’m in the beginning stages of juggling.

2 problems:

  1. I can’t seem to get the arc from left to right going, it’s more verticle tossing (like how they do with rings)

  2. After a few ‘juggles’ the balls inch further and further forward.

Any advice…or is this just a keep practicing thing?
(like…how do I balance on a unicycle?)


hey Brian,
Darren said that the next time we meet at the gym, that he was going to teach me, and it was only going to take 13-17 minutes. So, since you know him, he might be the guy to ask. I personally have no clue on how to juggle, so good luck!


I’m not enough of a juggler to know about 1… but as for 2… I believe common advice is to learn while standing facing a wall; that way you can’t move forward without hitting the wall.

On the contrary, I learned with lots of space. I could juggle while running forwards before I could actually juggle while standing still… :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

  1. To deal with the arc, concentrate first on throwing only one ball. Ensure you can accurately throw a good arc every time, from both hands. Then introduce the second ball and see that you can throw two, near-perfect arcs consistantly, starting with either hand. Then pick up the third ball and get three perfect arcs starting from either hand. Then go for four throws, five and so on.

The most important thing is to be confident of your throws with one ball before you go to two and with two before you progress to three.

  1. Juggle about six inches away from a wall. Force yourself to not have the balls touch the wall. The wall will let you know very quickly when you’re throwing forward and then you can take steps to correct your throws.


Re: question about juggling

This is definitely a practice, practice, practice thing. If you’re right handed, the left to right throw is the harder to get solid. If you’re a real beginner, start each session with 1-2 minutes of one ball tossing back and forth with forehead high even arcs. Hands about waist level, the throws mostly using the forearms. After that go to a two ball pattern for a minute or two. Each throw is done at about the time the preceeding throw is starting it’s downward motion. Again each throw forehead high and even. Keep it going, right-left, left-right, right-left, left-right to get used to the motion from both sides.

Then move on to the 3 ball pattern. If you’ve already done a few throws of the 3 ball pattern a few times, mostly it’s just lot’s of practice.

Some people find juggling in front of a wall useful to keep the balls from moving further out away from them. Otherwise, keep your arm motions spare and from the forearms and practice…

Both problems are very, very typical beginning juggler problems. They will go away with, yes, the “p” word.

Good luck.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

PS Don’t mind this login, it’s an experiment gone bad.

if u are allready throwing three balls and still having difficulty with the left hand, try starting with two balls in your left hand
quite often this forces your focus onto that hand and will allow u to throw well

the wall advice to remedy the forward thing is sound
most people will run forward about twice
so is juggling while sitting down
this has the added benefit of not having to bend down to pick up the balls and is quite handy when learning new tricks
remember, u r throwing forward because u r worried about the balls colliding in midair
remind your self that this will not happen as the balls can quite easily pass in midair in a flat plane without colliding
get your body to do what your mind is telling it to do
imagine juggling betweeen two sheets of perspex about six inches apart, flat in front of u
keep the balls in that space

oh yeah, and practise


Go to your local public library and see if you can find a book. It is the section before baseball, 796 on the dewey decimal and God-knows-where in library of congress.[ Also look for bicycling, vaudeville, circus, magic,dance, and gymnastic books.] A good juggling book will have lots of nice pictures with arrows to tell where the balls go. If you bomb out there buy the klutz book. I like the attached beanbags and the book in general.
Try to practice about ten minutes every day for the next month, You should see results pretty soon and you will know if this thing is for you. If you are really lucky you will have someone else to toss stuff around with.
The internet is a good source of information, but actually doing the thiong is a lot more fun. The best thing about juggling is going to festivals and seeing and doing un-dreamed of stunts with a bunch of circus loonies. carjug

The LC Classification is GV1558. The National Library of Canada uses something called the NLC Dewey Classification system.

As if anyone cares. :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t help myself.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


First it sounds like you need to pratice with 2 for a little bit. Start out by having a ball in each hand. Throw the Right one to the left in a nice arc or as nice as you can, (eye level or a bit above is ideal for most people) When that ball hits the top of its arc throw the second ball from your left hand over to the right. (Try to catch both balls and repeate)

There is way more time in here than most people think so try and slow it down and take it nice and easy. Most people dont realize that you really only have 1 ball in the air at a time when you juggle 3. Yeah I know us Jugglers cheat.

About moving forward some people sugest juggling in front of a wall. I personally dont like this. This probalem usually comes from making the transfer of the balls incorrect. When you have the second ball comming down try to throw the other one to the inside of that ones path,[B] NOT [\B] in front of it. This will make \ that kinda thing with the two balls passing each other.

The other thing is dont get discouraged and keep praticing. Once you get good the fun begins and you can light your props on fire.

On a side note, Damn who’d a thunk I actually know this shit (or can bullshit like I do know), I shure as hell didnt… I guess being the prez of a juggling club you just kinda pick it up…

Thanks, everyone, for all the tips.

I’ll keep you posted as to how well I can handle my balls as I get better :smiley:

Hold the pictures on this one, please.