Question about ISIS cranks

When I put my moment cranks on, they don’t slide all the way onto the splines even when they are right against the spacers. Is this normal? There is only enough room to slide on about 1 cm. It seems like they should go on farther and I wanted to make sure before I did anything big.


Your spacers are the wrong way round. Take the crank and bearing off and fix it. But do not use a standart crank extractor or the cap will be jammed in your hub and its hard work to fix that (trust me, I know)

You may not even need the one set of the spacers on either, apparently the advice now is too tighten the crank right up to the bearing (though using spacers is also fine if needed). So you can do as previously mentioned and switch the spacers round or you could just remove the smaller outer spacer to get the crank further onto the hub. On that nimbus style frame that you seem to have you prob only need the inside spacer on and thats it, just see what works best for you.

Ya I had to switch them so that I could use my qu ax frame. The spokes rub on the inside walls of the frame if I have the smaller spacer on first.

And I also know about the crank puller, I use a standard one, but I put a few dimes on the end of the axel so that the cap pushes of them, and not into the hub. It seems to work fine like that.

That makes more cents that buying the proper tool. :wink:

hey, i have an idea!!!

step 1)get the spacers on the right way(they are backwars at the moment)
step 2)DON’T EVER put the cranks on without the spacers, it allows them to be fit to the hub at a deeper point in the splines, but deforms the hub each time, and after a FEW swaps or tightenings they will become loose and clicky.

step3)if they become loose and clicky with the spacers, they should be fixable by making the spacer take up less space… making it skinnier…so that the crank goes on a small amount more.

Do you have experience about that? I lost my spacer and now I’ve used my unicycle without that few months now. It’s working well, but is it really that important? Unicycle shops do not sell spacers separately as far as I know. At least they’re not listed on the website and I don’t want to buy new hub just to get spacers.