Question about hubs and The Big One

Where could I find a 36H hub that would fit on a Coker Big One unicycle frame? Apparently UDC has NO hubs that will work, which is odd. :confused:

UDC Wide CroMo Hub

Or if you really want ISIS you could go with the nimbus wide and KH 22/40 bearings, but I would just go with the UDC wide to keep it simple and the cost down.

I thought the UDC hub would work, but center to center flange it’s 100mm, so it apparently won’t work with a Coker frame. The Coker Big One unicycle originally came with a 48H hub that center to center flange was 95mm. Honestly, I don’t know if it actually would be a problem. Do you know anyone who uses a different hub with a coker? And another big problem, is that there’s little choice for 17x40x12. There’s only 4 hubs that are that on UDC and only one of them is wide. But apparently it’s too wide. Damn. AND ALSO, there’s only one choice of rim: the stealth2 rim, which is 36H, so an original Coker hub won’t work. There HAS to be some hub out there that’ll work… I wonder if I can find a welder and have him MAKE me a hub. Haha.

I didn’t realize that the flange spacing was so different but the bearing spacing is the same.

you could add some spacers between the bearings and the flanges or file the inside surface of the frame so the spokes don’t rub.

What happened to your Coker wheel? If you broke it Coker might sell you a replacement. A Coker wheel used to sell for $118 before they removed them from the catalogue.

Wel, I bought just the frame for $40, thinking a wheelbuild would be simple enough. Butttt… Haha. I’m hoping Coker can sell me a whole wheel, that’d be GREAT! :smiley:

The old steel frames with stamped bearing holders? You can get away with pretty much any steel/chro-moly hub in that, as long as it’s not the super wide. I run a nimbus isis hub in my muni and trials frames with those bearing holders, no problem. Suzue hub would be no problem, UDC 100 mm hub with 40mm bearings would be fine. The frame legs are flexible enough to accommodate a small change in hub width.

I feel like that wouldn’t be good for the bearings… :confused: