Question about Denton Unicycle Club

I’m going to be working in Manchester and will be staying just round the corner from where the DUC website says that they meet but I don’t know when the club meets.

I have checked the website which seems quite a long time out of date and doesn’t mention when they meet.

If anyone know could you let me know thanks.



Surely someone must know when denton meet.



Looking to play some hockey in manchester

I THINK it is Tuesday evenings about 7-ish.


there are people who know about this club

i think steve does, just wait a bit untill some one who goes see’s this post

Hi there,

Yes, we meet on Tuesday’s 7-9pm. Unfortunately this Tuesday will be the last one until the school hols are over with. Not good timing on your behalf I’m afraid.

We’ll start again early Sept.


This tuesday is fine, I’m only in manchester for a week but will have nothing to do in the eveings so I was looking to find juggling and unicycle clubs to keep me entertained.

Denton Uni Club was the obvious choice as I will be staying just round the corner from where you meet.

Hope to see you tuesday.


is this denton texas? or another denton that i dont know of?

This would not be Denton, Tx. I was hoping the same thing. It is actually somewhere in the UK I belive.


dang it i heard there was this group of people that ride muni in dallas.

You might also go to Quirkus on Monday in Chorlton…not many unicyclists go there Or Bzercus in Stockport on Tuesday, occasional unicycles…but Bzercus clashes with Denton of course Both about 7pm start