Question about coker crank arm strength

I’m about to order new shorter crank arms for my coker, and I need to know if they’ll be strong enough. I’ve heard that the torque required to turn the coker wheel can potentially bend the cranks. So, I want to order these ones:
They’re only 12 dollars, and I’m ordering the 127mm ones and maybe the 110’s too. Might they be too weak for a coker?
Should I order “better” ones?

The only bent cranks I remember hearing of from Coker riding were the ones on Dave Stockton’s original “World’s strongest Coker wheel”, which bent quite badly after Ryan Atkins did a very high drop on it. The cranks you indicated are so cheap, it wouldn’t be too bad a risk to experiment with them.

i have the 102’s of that brand on my 24". the biggest drop ive done with them was about 2.5 feet and they bent, but i have poor form. i would say they will hold up to normal riding, i doubt you’ll go off big ledges with them.

theyre 12 bucks, what do you expect?

If you’re getting 127’s for a coker, I don’t think you’ll be doing the kind of riding that results in bent cranks. That seems to come from serious muni or riding down stairs.

Excellent…I donno where I remember hearing about weak crank arms being bent from just riding big wheels, oh well, I guess it won’t do any harm. And John is right, 12 dollars is a good price for an experiment even if it does fail (:

A Coker is a 36 inch wheel, directly driven. A typical bicycle in a mid range gear is the equivalent of about a 65 - 90 inch wheel. The torque required to turn a Coker wheel is only “huge” compared to a smaller uni. It is small compared to a bicycle or tandem.

There is no way you should be worrying about bending cranks by simply riding.

However, do all that jumping about stuff and you will be subjecting the equipment to stresses which it wasn’t designed to withstand, then all bets are off.