Question about circling leg around the seat

Hey, I am trying to learn how to swing my leg around the seat – I watched a couple of videos such as xavier collos’ and i cant figure it out–how does he keep the cranks parallel to the ground when he takes ones of his feet off the peddle to swing it around the seat??? the only idea i had was to keep my foot on the peddle and put my heel on my crank, but as soon as i lift my foot off to go, the crank rotates b/c i only have one foot on the peddles. please help me. thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

ah try keeping most off your foot on the crank and just resting a little on the pedal iff you need. I leared this trick starting like a mount its alot easier this way. and then got doubles then while on the uni and then triple wrap mounts
hope this helps


hey, thanks for your response…i am still a bit unclear though…if i am supposed to keep my foot mainly off of the peddle, where can my foot fit on the crank? also, even when i do try to put it on the crank, when i take my weight off the other foot to start wrapping, the crank starts to move b/c of the weight of my foot pushing it down? any tips? thanks

The way I do it is I put the arch of my foot on the crank near the bearings. It has to be the crank that’s closer to you, otherwise it’s much more difficult. Then just circle the other leg around.

It’s a very good trick to learn, it leads to step-arounds and wraps.

I will give it a try, thanks!