Question about bearings! (man, I'm just full of questions on these forums...)

Okay, there are two typical bearing sizes: 17x40x12 and 22x42x12. These are square tapered and ISIS, respectively. Now, what if I get a a 22x40x12? Would I be able to run an ISIS hub in my 40mm bearing cup frame? I mean, it makes perfect sense… Right?

yes. that is why that size exists.

but if you have stamped (not machined) bearing holders you can just use the regular ISIS bearings. I did that for years trouble free.

Yeah, what Eric said. What frame are you hoping to put the ISIS hub in?

A Coker Big One. The older steel model that has stupid 95mm bearing distance. Not 100mm, the standard. Haha. I was just wondering if I was able to broaden my selection of hubs to use. But, the ISIS hubs are a bit pricey. I’m only using this uni for commuting. No heavy duty stuff, so square tapered would work fine. T’was just a random question. Which brings me to another question: Where could I find a cheap 36" complete wheelbuild with a 100mm center to center bearing distance? The cheapest I’ve found for 100% complete build is about $400(including cranks and pedals), and that’s pretty steep, seeing that I don’t need all of this heavy duty hardware and what-not. The only rim that UDC sells is the Nimbus Stealth2 rim which. If you know anyone, or if you have a 36" wheel, by all means, when I get enough money I’ll gladly purchase it. Thanks!

Coker used to have a really good deal on their wheels but they don’t any more. I actually think it was a pricing mistake (you pay for a rim and get a wheel)

With the prices of 36" components right now I can’t see you getting a complete wheel for less than $350. I would keep an eye on the trading post on this forum as that is probably your best bet to find a deal on a used 36" wheel.

This wheel is still available. Give me $200 for it?


I know this thread is old…very old but it says that 22x40x12 does exist…I cant find two…does anybody know who sells these? thanks…

UDC UK still sells them, it is a KH bearing kit with 2 bearings and a shim. I believe you need new spacers to go with it as well.

Or since you are in the states, you might as well get them from the US UDC

The various UDC venders are really your only choice as these are a real odd-ball size that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here they are!


thanks…everybody…I overlooked them at udc first time I looked …but, second time there they were…got some.