Question about bearing clamp things

Hey, I was just wondering, when I was assembling my uni last night, I was kind of baffled on how tight the little bearing clamp thing should be. How easily should the wheel spin? I had to loosen it after the original tightening that I did because the wheel was really stiff. Now that I loostened it, it goes around REALLY fast, even faster than on my old uni. Should I tighten it up more or just let it be like it is?

It sometimes can be a matter of preference. It shouldn’t be too tight, because the wheel won’t move and it sucks to ride it, and it shouldn’t be too loose. I had it too loose once and the bearing clamps jumped off of the bearings. So I would just experiment and see how you like it.


OK, sounds good! :smiley:

Here’s a thread about tightening the bearing clamp things: Help on Tightening a Maincap.

Overtightened bearing clamps are more noticeable on a freestyle unicycle than on a muni. On a freestyle unicycle the wheel is lighter and you’re often riding on smooth surfaces like a gym floor. When riding on a gym floor it’s pretty easy to tell when the bearing clamps are too tight just by riding the uni. You can feel the extra friction. When the bearing clamps are just right (not too loose and not too tight) skills like one foot riding are smoother and easier because there is no excess friction slowing the wheel down.