Question about a uni I want to get.

I’m thinking of getting a nice entry-level uni to get my feet wet. Since I’ll be doing mostly neighborhood riding, I didn’t think I needed anything too heavy duty. I was considering either the Club 24" or the Torker CX or maybe LX. Who knows? Chances are I’ll get into the more unique areas of unicycling, but for now…

Now, I think the Club would be great, but I really haven’t heard much about them, while I hear all the time that Torkers are excellent beginner unis. Are the Club models any good? Which of the two do you suggest?

And if there’s any place that this should be moved to (like a stickied or pinned thread), please do so.

Thanks in advance!!


I would go for the club, the seat is the best of the three. Seat comfort is top priority for learning comfortably.

Hey thanks! I’ll go with that, then.


i have a cx and learned to uni on it and its not bad … mostly cause i have never ridden anything else but i am buying a nimbus trials now but it has held up for a year of my abuse and me trying to do street and trials on it. only downside is a small seat and thin tire good uni tho… i think

Thanks for the input. @kerosian, i just realized that I could select a Kris Holm seat for any of them. Does that change anything?

The KH seats are nice. I have the KH Fusion Freeride seat and really like it. You can upgrade the seat but on some models (Torker LX) you will also need to get a different seat post.