question about 661 duallies

my question about these shoes is this: are there plastic or similar material “cups” in the ankle supports of these shoes to protect your ankles. 661’s site isn’t that helpful and someone told me that the older ones(2002) definitely had them. so do the current ones? i’m looking to buy some high topped skate style shoes but if the duallies have actaully ankle protection i’d likely go with them instead of anythign else.

Yes, the 2004 Duallies have plastic disks in the ankle to protect the ankle bone in the event of knocks but I’m not sure about the 2005 model - I’ve got two pairs of the 2004 and they’re excellent - also if you’re lucky you might still find some of the 2004’s around which I reckon look better and we’re avaiable in the UK at half price.

As I said I think that they’re excellent and don’t unicycle in any other shoes these days

Hope that helps Roland

sadly, i’ve been looking around and have not seen the 2004’s in my size. hell, i’ve hardly found the 2005s in my size. BUT i talked to GB4 and he’s got a pair of 13US (48 euro)2004s laying around new in the box that he says are a tad too big. So he i’m buying those from him. thanks for the response though. i was mostly curious about the 2005 model but i’m pretty sure they have it, but it doesn’t really matter now anyway… shows 13s as available


what’s the width like on those shoes?
i wear new balance 4E or 2E width, so i need something fairly wide
does anyone w/ wide feet own these shoes or anyone w/ normal feet find them spacious?

I was lookin at those, they just cst too much, im just gonna stick with normal skater shoes and some racebraces from sixsixone

that’s all well and good, but the question was do they have hard plastic ankle protection? answer yes. also i’ve had problems finding the 2004 in 13s. not the 2005. thanks though. problem solved. GB4 is selling me a pair of 2004 size 13s that are a little too big for him.