Question: 29" wheel on an original Coker 36" frame

Hi, does anyone know which 29" wheels would fit an original Coker frame? I was thinking that buying a 29" wheel and slapping it on my Coker would be a cheap way to see how much I like riding a 29er.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t… What are your concerns? Unless you’re hoping to fit a massive fat tyre on!

Make sure your bearing cups are the right size first!
Old square taper hubs have 40mm bearings whereas ISIS hubs use 42mm. You can shim 40mm bearings to fit ISIS frames, but not vice versa (unless you use very specialist bearings).

Ahh, the old Cokers are Square Taper… Didn’t know that :smiley: I thought the question was purely towards the wheel/tyre fitting!

Any wheel should work if the bearing holders are stamped and not machined. The 40 vs 42 mm is not a big deal with stamped bearing holders. If the holders have bolts and nuts, they’re stamped.

If the frame width is a bit off, the frame can be cold set as well.

A 3" tire might be a tight fit, but anything less should be fine.

If it is one of the original, steel, “Big One” frames you should be able to use just about any 100mm spaced hub.

Those frames have pressed bearing holders that work fine with 40mm or 42mm bearings. If you have an aluminum frame with machined bearing holders you will be limited to 127mm spaced hubs with 40mm bearings.

Thanks, I guess I need to measure the frame to see if it’ll take a 100mm hub or 127mm.

Very helpful info. Thanks! And the holders do not have bolts and nuts, so I guess that means they are machined. :slight_smile:

My concerns are mainly width of the space between the bearings. I tried a 20" just for fun, but the bearings weren’t even close to being wide enough apart to fit the frame. I hadn’t even thought about trying a 29" until today when I saw that uni for sale that comes with both a 29" and 36" wheel.

Good point. I hadn’t thought about bearing cup size; I was mainly thinking of distance between the bearings.