Quest for pink components

I’m on a quest for pink components - the pinker, the better.
The Phantom Hoppley and Pink Pantha are both way out of my price range (and extreme overkill hardware-wise).

A quick search shows me that Bedford was offering pink frames and tires at one point, and appears to have some pink tires and saddles.

Anyone else have good leads on pink stuff?

on the Koxx one website they have the Flight pink unicycle, which has a flourecent pink rim, pedals and seat post clamp

Cool, and it looks like they sell all their components separately as well.
I have to say though, I hate their website.

the gussett pimp BMX tyre comes in pink, as seen on the pink panther, should be available from any decent bike store

Qu-Ax has a pink seat.

Halo has an AWESOME PINK TIRE - comes in 24 too.

You should just get your stuff powdercoated. It’s not that expensive. Are you making a custom uni? If yes post pics please.:slight_smile:

That tire is exactly what I’m looking for.
However, I can’t find the seat anywhere but, which, being based in Germany, appears to cost nearly double the price of the seat to ship (to Florida).

That’s certainly an option for metal components.

Right now, evaluating expense/work/time vs. gain in awesomeness.
If anything custom happens, pics will be posted.

You can buy that tire over here

It says not in stock at the warehouse but you could use the “find a retailer near you” link at the top of that page to see if any local stores have one in stock.

They are also out of stock of the pink pedals at the warehouse