Query: Mounting Giraffe Unicycle > 7 Foot

This may have been covered many moons ago and i may have posted this in the wrong section of the forum… so firstly apologies

Question is how does one mount (preferably free mount) a giraffe greater than 7 foot?

7’ i see riders can step up on the tyre and then to reach the pedal sucessfully free mounting the Uni.

Is 8’ this still achievable? Or am i going to need assisted mounting, a brake system or find a wall or lamp post and take a ladder to drop down into the saddle…

Its all very fast becoming a new challenge simply trying to contemplate getting onto my soon to be built Nimbus Performer @ 8’

Would love to hear any thoughts on the matter. Much appreciated. D

Rolling mounts, or some Giraffes have foot ‘pegs’ welded to the back of the frame that you can use to climb it like a ladder.

I saw a really cool picture on here once of some guy mounting a massive Giraffe that had the pegs. The Giraffe was at an angle, and it looked just like the guy was climbing stairs or something.

sounds crazy balancing it on an somewhat staircase angle i imagine as hes scrambling up the frame to mount!

i would have though once ones foot has left the wheel you either…

A) need to be on a pedal
B) need a brake to hold the wheel
C) some one or more holding the Uni

Thanks for the input. i think free mounting options are limited to next to none without an aid of a sort.