Quebec City to Montreal 2010

My bicycle friend and I did a short weekend tour from Quebec City to Montreal. I made this video with my Kodak Zi8 pocket HD video camera.

Warning: The video is long and not exciting or extreme, but it’s a good example of how to pack for unsupported unicycle touring and how to use a Hennessy tent hammock to stay warm, dry, and comfortable for free every night.

I had a great time on this trip. We used maps from system of bicycle routes in Quebec called, “La Route Verte”.

Be sure to watch in 720p

And why didn’t you tell anyone you were in Québec or Montréal?

ahha oops, sorry. I kind of had things planned for my time in MTL. Next time for sure!

You should post this video on our forum:

Even if it is in english, you will get a lot more review!

Good job, this sound like a nice trip to do!

Looks like it was a fun trip even though the weather didn’t cooperate.

Thought we’d see some >$45 hats at the end of the vid!

or now:

Hammocks and Unicycles … a couple of my very favorite things!
My daughter lives in Quebec City and is in her second year at Ecole du Cirque du Quebec.
I was just there and we do the drive from Montreal to quebec every time … long.
I enjoyed your journey.