I was looking QUAX Unicycles and am looking for feed back on the Pro’s and Con’s of them. How do they compare to KH’s, and other unicycle brands?

I hear that they are pretty heavy, but they wont ever really break on you…

If you’re gonna get the crossfire, make sure it is the one with the splined hub, I almost bought one from firetoy.com and it wasn’t splined and didn’t have a CC tire.

But otherwise I haven’t heard much bad things about them.

Yeah they sound pretty good. Besides the heavyness. Make sure you get a splined hub of course.

Oh yes, and of course you’ll have to powdercoat that ridiculous looking yellow.

P.s. KH is where its at.

ha ha i like my ridiculus yellow, specially when i pair it with ridiculus yellow pedals, and my blonde hair im quite the adorable kid lol jokes qu-axs are quality pretty much everyones comments have been accurate, they are actually only fractionally heavy really, and when you get to around 5.5kg a kg either side really makes very little difference

is the quax trials better than the nimbus trials? hows the kh trials?

OK, i know everything you want to know.

Qu-ax: Most durable trials uni out there. strong steel. yellow hub is cool:p ! lol
the only thing you might want to do when you get it (as of almost ALL unicycles you buy) is change the pedals.

20" trials? 24" MUni?

What will you be using it for?

I do recommend QU-AX though, regardless. :smiley:

Wait, does the qu-ax have a 20’ rim?

The trials technically has a 19" trials rim, but 20" is easier to say and less confusing to people sometimes.

That would be the biggest wheel unicycle in the world:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: